All About Mined Diamonds

The 4 C's

Carat Weight:  This is simply how much the diamond weighs.  Keep in mind, as the diamond gets larger, it gets exponentially more valuable.  A 2ct diamond is worth much more than double a 1ct diamond.

Color:  Most diamonds have a yellowish tint to them.  The scale from D-Z reflects how much yellow the diamond has.  The closer to D, the less color.  Our diamonds are all near colorless to colorless, or fancy colors.

Clarity:  This shows how free from inclusions and blemishes a diamond is.  All diamonds are born with some birthmarks.  The fewer there are, the more beautiful and valuable the diamond is.  Our diamonds are all SI and higher so you can rest assured knowing the diamonds will all be beautiful.

Cut:  This refers to how well the diamond was cut and polished.  A high-quality diamond can look very poor if it isn't cut properly.  The sparkle and brilliance is determined by this.  All of our center diamonds are very good to excellent cut and none of our diamonds are below a good cut.

 Raw Diamond

From the Ground

Mined diamonds come from the earth.  They take millions to billions of years to form and must be found before they make their way to your jewelry.  Mined diamonds are rare and beautiful, a treasure that will last generations.