All About Metals

Precious Metals

Gold:  The standard for jewelry.  Gold has been valuable for thousands of years and will be till the end of time.  Gold is measured in 24 parts.  24 karat gold is 99.9% pure, 18 karat is 75% pure, and 14 karat gold is 58.5% pure.  Gold comes out of the ground yellow, but by mixing it alloys it can be made white, rose, or even green!  White gold needs to be plated with a metal called rhodium to keep it bright and white.  If your item needs to be revitalized, please let us know and we will help.

Silver:  Silver is an affordable alternative to platinum and white gold.  It gives a beautiful look and will be stunning always if cared for properly.  Polish with a cloth, never shower or swim with it, and make sure chemicals like perfume don't get on it.  Sterling silver is 92.5% pure and alloyed with copper for durability.

Platinum:  The king of metals.  Platinum is valuable, rare, and durable.  Platinum jewelry is meant to last multiple lifetimes so you can pass it down, generation to generation.




Contemporary Metals

Steel:  Just like your kitchen spoon or a scalpel in an operation.  Steel is durable, pure white, and very inexpensive.

Cobalt:  One of the most durable metals.  Cobalt is 100% solid and is extremely difficult to damage.  It has been used in joint replacements and is the cause of cobalt blue in many pigments and gemstones.

Titanium:  Extremely lightweight and durable.  Titanium is used in aviation and golf clubs.  This metal is the perfect choice for someone that is active but doesn't want to feel the weight of a ring on the finger.